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The pictures, the videos and the atrocities are too graphic to post or share on here. The ‘Yulin Dog Festival’ is an annual celebration held in Yulin China, usually spanning 10 days during the summer solstice. I am writing this short piece because it started 5 days ago, on June 21st. We are currently half way through the barbarity and the horror.

The Chinese (as they do with a lot of animals) hold some warped belief that dog meat holds great medicinal value. Improving health and sexual performance being two of them. According to local culture stressing and torturing the dogs intensifies the taste and promotes the health of the locals who consume them.

If you have the stomach for it, google or research what they do to thousands of dogs every year and what they are doing to them right now. It is beyond your worst nightmare and it breaks my heart.

Dogs are quite literally the most amazing creatures. They love unconditionally, they don’t judge or betray. What those dogs are made to go through during their last hours, their final moments just proves how evil and how depraved some humans can be.

They can’t fight back, they can’t defend themselves, they are literally at the mercy of the most dangerous animal on earth. The human race. These people aren’t human though, no human with an ounce of decency or soul could do what they do.

My only hope is that one day when their times comes, the people who are committing these atrocities are made to pay. There is no justice for what happens to those poor innocent dogs but there is revenge. I wouldn’t consider myself an evil man, I don’t wish bad things to happen to people but I want bad things to happen to them.

If you have a dog, make sure you hold him a bit closer tonight and remember those poor souls in Yulin. Let’s hope and pray that once they cross the rainbow bridge there is a life of paradise waiting for them, running through fields filled with eternal happiness.

There will be no memorial, news bulletin or public focus for them. They were living, breathing, sentient creatures who so desperately just wanted to be loved by mankind. They deserved so much better.

If you have a spare few pounds, please donate to one of the charities mentioned below, who do amazing volunteer work trying to rescue and re-home some of the dogs in Yulin.

No To Dog Meat


Animals Asia

As for you China, I don’t ever wish to set foot in your country ever.