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Hi there! So I have decided to break my blogging virginity (the reasons for which I will come to) and enter the world of blogging! I won’t bore you with loads of personal details, as lets be honest apart from your mum and your dog who really cares! However, to introduce myself I am really just a normal run of the mill average guy. I am 30 years old (OLD I know), I have a wife, a dog, a mortgage, I love playing and watching numerous sports and just like a large chunk of the adult population, I have a job.

There are a couple of reasons I’ve decided to actually go for it and start up a blog. First and foremost I genuinely quite enjoy writing. I’ll be the first to admit when I’m absolutely rubbish at something (DIY and concentration being two of them). However writing and getting my thoughts down on paper, has always come rather naturally. I did well in English at school and at A Level and a part of me regrets (if that’s the right word) not continuing this journey – perhaps in the form of a journalism degree or something akin.

Secondly, as time has gone on I’ve realised that some of the views I hold are quite unique, but at the same time views that a lot of people can relate to. I view the world in quite a simplistic way, and am able to explain my viewpoint in such a way that tends to get people thinking, if not always agreeing.

The final reason actually came as somewhat of a surprise. A couple weeks back I made a a fairly detailed, quite emotive Facebook post on the current corona virus situation and the UK government’s response. My views certainly seemed to resonate with a fairly large audience. An audience which has so far shared my status in excess of 35 thousand times, along with numerous comments and likes. I’ve also had quite a substantial amount of personal messages with individuals telling me that they would be keen to hear more of my views etc etc.

So here I am, starting up my own blog. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but I do hope that some of my views and my way of thinking will be somewhat relatable from time to time.

I live for the simple things – I love spending time with my dog (an energetic 18 month old labrador called Django), I love going down to Cornwall with my wife. I love having banter with my friends and I love letting off some steam on the football pitch. When I’m not doing these sort of things though, I do tend to resort to rather deep thinking. A process which doesn’t always provide a great amount of inner rest or peace, yet a process which can offer from time to time, a rather unique take on this somewhat complex existence we call life.

I hope you enjoy reading.